Commercial Vibration Plates

Vibration plates, also known as power plates, offer a unique way to train; testimonials and studies show that they can be a valuable part of your workout to help to improve overall fitness while burning calories too. To be clear and dispel any myths, power plate machines should be used to complement a workout by performing stretches and exercises on the plate, not as an alternative – simply standing still will not have any effect.

Celebrities and world-renowned personal trainers swear by vibration plates as they force your muscles to work much harder than before. To put into context exactly how much more the muscles are worked through use of vibration plate, muscles normally contract two or three times every second… that increases to up to 50 times a second when you are working out in conjunction with a vibration plate machine.

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Aiding Recovery

The use of a personal power plate doesn’t just dial up the intensity of a workout, it can also help to aid recovery by reducing swelling and muscle soreness which accelerates the recovery time required between sessions. This is due to improved blood flow when on the vibration plate, and lymphatic drainage – which reduces the build-up of lactic acid post-workout.

Space-Age Technology

Vibration training was actually something that was devised as part of the Russian space program as a means of enabling cosmonauts to maintain muscle mass in zero gravity. This is because, in zero-gravity conditions, cosmonauts would require between six and eight hours of weight training just to maintain their muscle mass. The introduction of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training halved the length of time required.

Vibration Plates for Sale at UK Gym Equipment

Using our specialised refurbishment facilities, we can offer top quality, refurbished vibration plates at the best possible prices. Refurbished vibration plates offer a massive saving over the new RRP whilst still providing incredible commercial build quality and a whole range of the latest features.

For more information on the range of equipment available from UK Gym Equipment please do not hesitate to contact the team today via the contact page, or by calling us direct on 01733 204430.