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Whether you need hand wraps for MMA or skipping ropes to keep you light on your feet, we have a selection of accessories to keep your training running smoothly.

Joining combat sports such as boxing, wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts has become an increasingly popular trend among men and women alike. Fitness with a focus on fighting is perfect for the enthusiasts who are looking to build muscle while also learning self-defence or just incorporate fighting into their existing fitness routine. 

Ensure your hands and wrists are protected with hand wraps. Essential for combat sports including boxing and MMA, these strips of fabric give to support your wrist during training and helps to reduce the risk of injury. You should be diligent to ensure you’re wearing your hand wraps for training whether that’s in the gym or sparring with a partner, train with the confidence to hit with full force. 

Looking for a fast fat burner? Jump into exercise with a jump rope, so portable you could train anywhere and burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes. A popular favourite amongst boxers as it improves agility, coordination and keeps you light on your feet.