Weight Benches

Use of weight benches will give you a better workout, allowing you to strengthen various muscles or several muscles simultaneously. Give your body balance with a full body workout, chest presses, one armed dumbbell rows, etc. These can be found in pretty much every gym you go into and lay down the foundations for your strength training. 

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Weight benches are a key piece of equipment in any gym. Whether they’re used at home or in a commercial gym, they allow you to train almost any muscle from any angle. Use of an exercise bench is primarily used to strengthen the upper body but it has been seen to also improve cardiovascular health.   

To aid you in maintaining proper form while lifting, a weight bench will offer you support and increase in the efficiency of how many reps you can do. It will also allow you to focus fully on the weights rather than ensuring you’re balanced. Due to the support you will receive you will be able to do a wider range of motions, this would allow you to focus on more targeted muscles areas. If you’re looking to optimise your muscle tone, especially in your upper body. As a strength training exercise, the bench press can help your body increase muscle mass and reduce fat. Along with strengthen muscles, you are also able to improve flexibility and the strengthen bones and joints, reducing your risk of arthritis.   

While most versions are flat fixed styles we also have a range of adjustable benches available too, with adjustable seating options to perform various movements with ease.