Commercial Weight Benches

Use of weight benches allows you to cultivate a better workout, whether you want to strengthen various different muscles or several muscles simultaneously. Give your body balance with a full-body workout, chest presses, one-armed dumbbell rows, etc with the highly versatile weight bench. They can be found in pretty much every gym around and lay the foundations for any strength training journey.

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Weight benches are a key piece of equipment in any gym. Whether they’re used at home or in a commercial gym, they allow you to train almost any muscle from any angle. Use of an exercise bench is primarily used to strengthen the upper body but it has been seen to also improve cardiovascular health.

To aid you in maintaining proper form while lifting, a weight bench from UK Gym Equipment can offer you support and increase the efficiency of how many reps you can do with ease. Due to the support received, you will be able to do a wider range of motions; this, in turn, allows you to focus on more targeted muscles areas, for example, those in your upper body. As a strength training exercise, the bench press can help your body increase muscle mass and reduce fat. Along with strengthening muscles, you are also able to improve flexibility and strengthen bones and joints, reducing your risk of arthritis.   

Adjustable Weight Benches

While most versions available are flat fixed styles, we also have a range of adjustable benches available, too, with adjustable seating options to perform various movements with ease. This increases the range of exercises you can incorporate into your workout and it also allows you to focus fully on the weights rather than ensuring you’re balanced.

Ideal for a full-body workout, adjusting the weight bench allows you to better target muscles and areas of the body that might otherwise go unnoticed. Equally, the ability to adjust the bench can improve posture, ensuring that you do not cause injury to yourself.

Weight Benches with a Rack

UK Gym Equipment stocks a wide range of benches that come complete with an accompanying roll to store your weight equipment neatly on. This is perfect for those looking to invest in equipment for their own home gyms when space is at a premium, lending itself as a storage solution as well as providing an intense workout.

Dumbbells and barbells can be accommodated for by weight benches that come with a rack, allowing all users to train like an elite athlete from the comfort of their own home. Although benches supplied with a rack are more expensive than benches on their own, we do offer finance options to help you spread the cost for up to 24 months without any interest.

Buy a Weight Bench from UK Gym Equipment

Here at UK Gym Equipment, we offer a wide range of new and used weight benches for sale that are suitable for both home and commercial use. Our online store stocks only the highest quality products on the market, meaning that every one of our customers benefits commercial-standard weight benches and other equipment.

If you are unable to find the exact product that are you looking for, why not give our team a call direct on 01733 204430 or send us a message via the contact page today.