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UK Gym Equipment stocks a wide range of new and refurbished commercial spin bikes and exercise bikes from some of the best-known brands and manufacturers on the market. We have a variety of upright bikes, recumbent bikes and studio or spinning bikes for sale to offer a solution for every user.

Using our specialised refurbishment facilities, we can offer top-quality, refurbished second-hand exercise bikes at the best possible prices. Refurbished exercise bikes and used spin bikes are budget-friendly, offering a significant saving over the RRP of a brand new model whilst still providing incredible commercial build quality and a whole range of the latest features.

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Why Choose an Exercise Bike?

Exercise bikes are one of the most coveted pieces of equipment for home use. They have been on the market for a long time and are also a staple for the cardio area of your local gym. With the stationary bike being in high demand, there is now a vast selection to choose from. Ranging from indoor cycling and upright bikes to recumbent bikes and hybrid bikes all offering different features, you can find something to match your needs with ease at UK Gym Equipment.

Incorporating a stationary bike into your workout routine will aid you in losing weight and improving your cardiovascular fitness through a low impact exercise. It is also ideal for anyone recovering from a sports injury as less pressure will be placed on your joints, helping you to get back into shape.

The Different Types of Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes have evolved over time to include the recumbent bike and the hybrid bike. With the upright bike, you’ll find many features replicate that of a normal bicycle as their purpose is to simulate riding a bike in an outside environment including virtual inclines. In comparison, the design of the recumbent bike is an evolution of the traditional bicycle with the user in a seated position with backrest and the pedals situated further forward. The hybrid bike gives you the best of both worlds - the upright position of a regular bike with the increased accessibility of the recumbent bike. The indoor cycle, also referred to as a studio bike, is most often used for spin classes and is shaped like the common road bike.

Second-hand spin bikes make a budget-friendly alternative to buying a brand new exercise bike for sale. Additionally, as outlined above, there are many different types of spin bikes. UK Gym Equipment offers a wide variety of exercise and spin bikes for sale, including both new and refurbished equipment, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect exercise bike for your needs.

Browse our full range of new, refurbished, and ex-gym spin bikes for sale below. Need more information? Take a look at our handy exercise bike guide which will provide you with all the information you need on the various different types of bike available.