Refurbishment Process

UK Gym Equipment offers a wide range of used gym equipment for sale. We professionally refurbish all our used fitness equipment to a nearly-new standard, ensuring our customers receive equipment that looks and performs as new. 

A huge amount of work has gone into refining our refurbishment process to ensure that we’re offering the best possible service to our customers. Second-hand, gym equipment can be expensive, so it’s important it offers years of reliable service. Through a comprehensive refurbishment process, we are able to guarantee our customers high quality equipment that won’t let them down - at a more affordable price. 

Onsite Refurbishment

Our experienced engineers refurbish the vast majority of our parts right here in Whittlesey, whether that’s treadmill motors, cross trainer alternators, rollers, bike cranks, upholstery, or circuit board repairs. We also strip and re-finish all of the frames and metal work onsite, allowing for a huge range of custom colours to be selected on our used commercial gym equipment range. Completing all of this work onsite allows us to closely monitor the quality of each and every component that goes into our machines. Not only that, but it means we can offer some of the best lead-times in the industry.

As standard, our first port of call is to check all of the moving parts on each machine. Any parts that are damaged or heavily worn will be replaced with new, working parts. Any plastic covers or cosmetic pieces that are cracked or heavily damaged will be removed and replaced. If the exposed framework shows signs of rust, it will be stripped to remove all of the rust and re-finished in the original factory colour.

In addition to the standard work above, here’s some specifics for each machine type:


We replace the roller front / rear bearings and fit a brand new drive belt (which links the motor to the front roller) on every used treadmill machine at no extra cost. The motor will be fully refurbished and fitted with brand new bearings. The running belt will also be replaced with a brand new Euroglide belt. As standard, the running deck will be a used part, but it will be professionally cleaned, checked for excessive wear, and replaced if necessary.

Cross Trainers & Steppers

We fit brand new drive and alternator belts on every second-hand cross trainer and stepper machine. Where applicable, the alternator will be fully refurbished and fitted with brand new bearings. We also check the bearings and any roller wheels in the legs for excessive wear. If they are heavily worn, then these will be replaced with brand new parts.

Exercise Bikes

We fit brand new drive and alternator belts on all of our used exercise bikes. Where necessary, the alternator will be fully refurbished and fitted with brand new bearings. We fit new bearings to the crank, secondary sheave, and replace the clutch bearing. New pedals and foot straps are also fitted as standard.

Indoor Rowers

For our used rowers, we fit brand new flywheel shaft and clutch bearings to every machine as standard. We also replace the chain, foot plates, and foot straps on every machine. The bungee cord and seat rollers are checked for excessive wear and replaced as necessary.

Learn More About Refurbished Equipment

If you have any questions about the level of refurbishment that goes into each machine, please contact the sales team on 01733 204430 and we'll be happy to help. Alternatively, shop our range of used commercial cardio equipment and weightlifting equipment online. We offer flexible finance plans with 0% interest, allowing you to spread the cost. We can also install your equipment for you. For more information, please contact us.