Here at UK Gym Equipment, we have a fantastic range of rubber, urethane, cast iron, neoprene covered and competition standard kettlebells. These kettlebell weights are ideal for both commercial gyms as part of fitness classes, personal training sessions or for use in home gyms. Our range of competition kettlebells includes a choice of weights, all of which are the same size to meet competition standards.

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Kettlebells from UK Gym Equipment

Kettlebells can be used for a quick workout that allows you to add cardio, strength and flexibility training into your day. The weight resembles a cannonball with a loop handle which are small and portable, so your training can take place anywhere. Kettlebell weights are often compared to dumbbells though they tend to be used when targeting specific muscle groups or fitness goals.

Use of kettlebell sets keeps your body moving across a variety of motions that reduce the risk of injury, as well as helping to increase the strength of your core which, in turn, reduces back pain and means more muscles are engaged during the workout. Naturally, you consider weights when you think of strength training or running to improve cardio and even yoga in terms of flexibility; however, you can bring all three of these elements together with a well-structured workout based around a kettlebell set.

Due to the unique shape of the kettle weight, the weight doesn’t balance in the way a dumbbell would, this encourages your body to adapt to the changing centre of gravity. This additional challenge demands more from your body during your workout and incorporates the stabilizer muscles which not only aid in strengthening your core, but also help reduce the pains caused by muscular imbalances. Due to kettlebells utilising almost every muscle group together, they have become part of the functional fitness family which replicates the muscles we use whilst going about our daily lives.

Jordan Kettlebell Sets

At UK Gym Equipment, we stock only the highest quality of fitness equipment for our customers, which is why amongst our range of kettlebells for sale, you will find branded kettlebells from Jordan Fitness, Escape Fitness and more. Therefore, when you buy from our website, you will be using the exact same equipment used by elite athletes, helping you to achieve your fitness goals and push your limits.

With 0% finance options available, you can spread the costs of your kettlebell weight sets, as well as any other products that you purchase from UK Gym Equipment. Simply talk to a member of our team to discuss the options available to you, helping you to secure the best deal possible. Through this, anyone can benefit from utilising the highest quality commercial-grade gym equipment as part of their routine.

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