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Exercise mats are quickly becoming the must-have piece of equipment. An exercise mat can be used in conjunction with a variety of different exercises to make your routine more comfortable. Being comfortable throughout your workout allows you to have a more effective session, especially for floor exercises. 

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Exercise Mats for Home Gyms

Although it isn’t necessary to use an exercise mat, many people prefer to use them. Whether you’re on your hands or your back, it’s nice to have a barrier between you and the ground helping to alleviate pressure on sensitive knees, wrists or hips. Just imagine holding a plank on an unforgiving carpet – you are just asking for nasty friction burns on your elbows.

Gym mats are handy to have, especially if you regularly do floor-based strength training, yoga or Pilates. Not only does a workout mat provide a more comfortable surface on which to carry out your exercise regime, but it also allows you to more easily wipe any sweat away. Without the barrier of the mat between you and your living room carpet, sweat can seep into the fabric and carpet fibres, which may then require the use of further cleaning supplies to eradicate any unpleasant lingering smell. At least with a dedicated exercise mat from UK Gym Equipment, one quick wipe will see it as good as new.

Large Gym Mats

Often used for crunches and stretching, fitness mats are large and tend to be around half an inch thick. They can easily absorb the impacts of your workout and provide a cushioned barrier between you and the floor during your exercise regime. These mats offer additional comfort when sitting, lying or stretching and can be used on with either hard flooring or carpet.

These types of gym mats wouldn’t necessarily be the best for activities such as yoga as it doesn’t offer the necessary traction. But for workouts where your body will be thankful for the extra padding and support provided by a large exercise mate, it is ideal. Yoga mats provide a non-slip surface and work best on a smooth floor, they also tend to offer thin padding that will not offer much support through general exercise. A yoga mat can be easily cleaned and are convenient to travel with. 

Buying from UK Gym Equipment

When you buy through UK Gym Equipment, you are getting the very highest quality that is available on the market. Whether you are looking to buy new or one of the used exercise mats for sale on our website, we guarantee all our stocked products meet our high standards. Just like our customers, we refuse to accept second-rate equipment in the search for first-rate results.

For more information on the range of exercise mats available on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. You can also view our range of workouts here for inspiration on the type of workouts you can perform both at home and in the gym with the use of an exercise mat.