box jump exercise in living room 03/06/2020

Leg Workouts for Muscle Development and Strength

When working out from home, you might feel that getting a good leg workout without the gym is impossible. When you are unable to push the boundaries on the leg press at your local gym, there are still routines that you can perform at home which will aid muscle development and strength. All that you need is a leg workout plan which you can call upon to form part of your fitness regime that focuses more on balance and technique and rather than the actual weight you are moving. With... Read More

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The UK Gym Equipment 30-Day Full-Body Workout Challenge

Just because you aren’t able to hit the gym for whatever reason doesn’t mean you can’t take on an effective full-body workout. Our 30-day full-body workout challenge is the ideal introduction for those at the beginning of their fitness journey, gently easing you into a daily routine which increases in intensity day by day. This home workout challenge can be done at a time most convenient to you, meaning that you can complete the routine either first thing in the morning or as the last thing you do before you... Read More

woman learning new exercises watching online workout tutorials 20/03/2020

Home Workouts for Women that Produce Results

Push your body to its limit with a women’s home workout plan that will see you burn calories, tone your body and have you feeling great and fully motivated to smash your next workout. The best part is, in order to achieve the same results a personal trainer would be proud of, you don’t need to dedicate a large amount of time in doing so, you just need to eat well, train smart and remember to rest – meaning that anyone can take the time to transform their body. It... Read More

man exercising on bike 15/02/2020

Home Workouts for Men to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

While you may be constantly told that to see the gains you want, you need to hit the gym whenever you can, that doesn’t necessarily mean its true. The same goes for those men that are more interested in losing inches around their waist as opposed to gaining around their biceps. Being able to hit the gym every day or every other day simply isn’t a possibility for many of us; with commitments such as having children to look after, hectic work schedules and being constantly on the move, finding... Read More

Adjustable dumbbell in home gym 08/01/2020

Quick Full-Body Home Workouts to Lose Weight

When you are dedicated to your fitness regime but are hard-pressed for time, a quick 10-minute, targeted workout that you can use to get your heart racing is highly effective. Here at UK Gym Equipment, we can relate to the struggle of finding time to fit a workout in amongst a hectic day, but it is possible! In just 10 minutes, you can complete a quick full-body workout that will work all the major muscles in your body. This is ideal for high-flying professionals who struggle to even find time for... Read More

Sporty woman runner 05/12/2019

Home Cardio Workouts for Beginners

Just like charity, fitness begins at home – with a healthy diet combined with daily exercise acting as the most effective means of burning off excess fat. If finding time to hit the gym is something that you struggle with, then no doubt being introduced to the best cardio exercises you can do at home will be something that interests you. With equipment that can fold away and stored easily after use, you needn’t worry about a lack of space hampering you from achieving your fitness goals. From treadmills to... Read More

Core abdominal muscles at fitness training 14/11/2019

Home Workout for Great Abs and Core

When it comes to building muscle and looking your best, a lot of people strive to get the Hollywood-style six-pack. Whilst this is by no means the definition of strength or athletic ability, it’s still undeniable that developing your core strength is an essential part of achieving overall fitness. Fortunately, most home ab workouts require basic equipment, if any at all, removing any need to go the gym and allowing the development of this muscle group to occur whenever you have half an hour spare. As suppliers for both professional... Read More


5 Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Treadmill workouts remain an enduringly popular option among gym-goers and home fitness enthusiasts alike. The simplicity of the exercise coupled with the long-lasting benefits of regular cardio workouts can do wonders for the body and the mind, and with dedication and persistence, treadmill workouts can be a great tool to help you work towards your fitness goals. For many who are new to fitness, treadmill workouts for beginners to lose weight are a great way to get into the mindset of regular exercise, providing an effective stepping stone to future... Read More

Home workout 06/09/2019

The Perfect Home Workout to Help You Lose Weight

Home workouts to lose weight can be a brilliant way to help you achieve your goals, enabling you to get in shape without even having to leave the house. However, if fat loss is your goal, it’s important to bear in mind that this can be a difficult goal to achieve – and, importantly, it will certainly take time to achieve. There is a difference between losing weight and getting fit, and, in many cases, if you are getting fit, you may even gain a little weight as your body’s... Read More