Plyometric exercises are utilised by amateur and professional athletes alike to improve explosive power, coordination and speed. However, they're also great for general fitness and weight loss, a great way to add variety into your regular cardio workout. Our range of Plyometric platforms and soft boxes offer something for everything from first time users with the safety of a softbox, to the experienced athletes with fixed plyometric platforms.

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Plyometrics is a training exercise which requires you to skip, jump or hop, increasing your muscle power by using maximum force in short intervals. Most recognisable is the box jump exercise which is often used in CrossFit but it helps train for sports which use explosive movements such as basketball, volleyball and tennis. As a great addition to strength training, box jumps help to improve balance, muscle power and agility, the aim is to maximise quick muscle contraction. Your muscles will stretch when you land from a jump and the art of stretching and contracting your muscles in this way helps to build strength and power. You can practice plyometric training a couple of times a week but ensure you give your muscles time to heal. Your plyo workout will be more effective if you concentrate on form rather than how many reps you can do, you’ll also find that stretching beforehand helps ensure your muscles are ready for the task.