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UK Gym Equipment has a wide range of weighted bags and fitness sandbags for the gym. We have an extensive selection of fitness sandbags available in the UK, ideal for both personal and gym use. We also stock sandbags in a variety of formats, allowing you to easily choose the most appropriate weighted bag for your requirements.

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Fitness sandbags offer a great way to help users build strength. They are also designed for functional fitness, supporting gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Sandbags can be used in the gym to help improve power and strength, yet they are also versatile enough to make valuable additions to commercial gyms, home gyms, and fitness classes.

Why Use Weighted Bags?

Using weighted bags as part of your functional training is one of the best ways to help maintain an effective gym routine and a healthy lifestyle. Functional training helps to improve your flexibility, core stability, and overall muscle tone – all by doing activities that are reminiscent of everyday activities. 

However, training with weighted bags or sandbags in the gym offers a variation on your strength training. You may be able to easily lift heavy weights with a barbell, but fitness sandbags also incorporate your stabilising muscles into the exercise. Using weighted bags ensures that your body must work to control the constantly shifting centre of mass, helping you to build and develop stability, strength, and grip. 

Gym sandbags also make a practical, safe addition to your fitness equipment. For instance, should you need to drop the weight, you won’t risk damaging any equipment – as you might with dumbbells. 

Fitness sandbags are great pieces of equipment for giving you a diverse workout. No matter if you’re at home or in the gym, you can still achieve top-quality results with this tough training tool – there’s a reason why fitness sandbags are favoured by gym-goers across the UK!

Buy Fitness Sandbags in the UK

UK Gym Equipment offers a variety of weighted bags in a range of different weights and shapes, giving you the freedom to optimise your workout in a way that suits you. 

You can browse our full range of sandbags for commercial and home gyms online today, or get in touch with our team if you have any questions.