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Improving your functional fitness means that you work on your flexibility, core stability, power, cardiovascular fitness, and overall muscle tone. Whether you’re looking for kettlebells or battle ropes, we have a great selection of equipment for your functional workouts.

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Originally used as a form of physical therapy and rehabilitation, functional fitness has now made its way into many training plans. Designed to mimic your everyday actions, you can engage multiple muscle groups at the same time which will improve things like balance and co-ordination. Our bodies were designed for our muscles to support each other when we come to do certain movements or activities. For example, you may not have realised how many times a day you do a squat without realising, or how many muscles you use when reaching for something at the back of the cupboard. 

To make these tasks less strenuous and help prime your muscles and keep them in good condition, incorporating functional fitness into your workout routine is essential. The core workouts should include a range of upper and lower body workouts which focus on strength, power and range of motion. 

You can also undertake a range of resistance workouts, including resistance weight training. This will improve your overall muscle strength, increase your flexibility, and tone your muscles to protect them from the risk of injury. The better the condition of your muscles, the better the chance you have of remaining physically independent for longer as you get older. We supply a range of equipment for resistance training, including everything you need for resistance band workouts which are highly popular.

Incorporating functional training into your routine can bring other benefits, too, including improving your strength, posture and cardiovascular fitness. It’s one of the great exercises that can be completed at home, in a gym or as part of a boot camp. Many group fitness classes have become part of gym schedules, including Crossfit, HIIT and kettlebell classes to name a few, but with functional fitness equipment, you can achieve similar results at home. 

Our excellent range of functional fitness equipment provides you with everything you need for a successful class or PT session. From jump rope workouts and dumbbell sessions through to cardio workouts and overall performance, we provide equipment that covers all aspects of functional fitness, so no matter what your desired workout is, we can help.


If you’re unsure what type of equipment is best for your goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your options with you and recommend equipment to suit your needs. Simply call us on 01733 204430.