Suspension Training

Easily one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the market, suspension training. TRX or suspensions straps open up a whole new range of workout options both in the gym and at home. Suspension strap training is suitable for beginners, but the difficulty can also be gradually built up to challenge even the most experienced athlete, suspension straps are a favourite of the armed forces and sports teams around the world. A great low impact workout option with enough versatility to make sure you never get tired of trying out new and more difficult movements.

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Suspension training has quickly become a popular method of training which uses your body weight and gravity to provide resistance through two adjustable bands. This system engages your whole body which helps you to build on your strength, balance and core stability and can be used to achieve almost any fitness goal, whether that’s training for a marathon or losing weight. Adding suspension straps to your routine allows you to take your workout anywhere, providing you have an anchor point. Due to the very low impact manner of suspension training it allows people of all fitness levels to train without the risk of injury, whether you’re a professional or beginner you’re in control of how challenging the exercise is with a change in body position. Improve your muscular endurance allowing you to perform for longer periods of time without your muscles getting tired resulting you becoming stronger and enhancing your overall performance. Suspension training can be fun, challenging and provide you with fast results.