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Perfect for a concurrent full body workout this amazing range of total body trainers provides you with the opportunity for a great work out every time with amazing machines such as the KEISER M3i Total Body Trainer. This versatile range also allows you to work out the lower or upper body independently so that you can add variation to your workout and tailor it to your needs and goals. Atop of all these incredible benefits this range consists of comfortable machines to further advance your workout experience.

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If you’ve ever tried an air bike then you know it is not an easy workout. Favoured by crossfit lovers, the air bike is an efficient method to get your heart racing and experience a tough workout both mentally and physically. Based on the design of the stationary bike the assault bike replaces the flywheel with an oversized fan. Using the machine’s pedals the fan/wheel rotates which uses air to build resistance during your workout. The handles of the bike also move, so while your legs are pedalling you also push with your arms which spins the bike’s fan. With the assault air bike working all four of your limbs your core is more engaged and your heart rate soars up to 20% higher than if you were to just pedal with your legs, the harder you push the harder it gets!

The air bike is often seen as a 3 in 1 piece of equipment, using your arms and legs together is reminiscent of the cross trainer, while using only your legs brings you to a spin bike element. Almost all machines come with foot rests meaning you can use just your arms for an indoor rowing machine workout. This gives you variety for your workout allowing you to do an exercise that is not as high intensity and remains low impact. Using the screen display you’ll be able to track calories, distance covered and much more. The assault air bike is the same as other bike based exercise in that it provides a great alternative for those who are unable to do other forms of cardio exercise. It becomes a great piece of equipment for rehabilitation and allows for safe movement with no impact. Air bikes can become an intense workout and gets the blood pumping through the entire body and upping your metabolic rate burning more calories than a spin bike. This also means you can increase blood flow to an injury allowing the injured area to move and aid recovery.