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The Best Exercises to Improve Swimming Performance

Despite swimming being one of the most popular sports to watch at the Olympics and something many people enjoy doing for pleasure, it is often forgotten about when the conversation of fit sportspeople arises.  Swimming in a normal capacity isn’t necessarily the most taxing sport – hence why lots of people enjoy doing it on a weekend afternoon – but professional swimming is an entirely different game altogether. The immense levels of all-around fitness swimmers must demonstrate cement their status as some of the fittest athletes in the world.  Historically,... Read More


Rowing Gym Training: Beyond the Gym Rowing Machine

Rowers are undoubtedly among the strongest and fittest athletes, demonstrating high levels of strength and stamina simultaneously. As with most sports, the best way to improve your performance is to do the sport in question. In the case of rowers, this means getting on the rowing lake or using the rowing machine at the gym, but this isn’t the only way to train for a big race.  Rowers need strong muscles in their backs, shoulders abs and legs – so basically every part of their bodies! Whilst the rowing equipment... Read More


Punching Bag Workouts: Gym Workouts for Boxers

Boxers are a feat of physical strength, stamina and overall fitness. Their workouts are comprehensive, focusing on a range of qualities like speed, cardio and endurance, as well as strength training and agility. Whilst skipping ropes and strength equipment can go a long way to boosting performance, hitting the heavy bag is an integral part of any professional fighter’s workout regime.  Why Train with a Punching Bag? The first and arguably most common reason boxers use a punching bag in their gym workout is to perfect their performance. You can... Read More


Exercises to Improve Running Speed and Endurance

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a steady increase in the number of people who have taken up running as their primary form of exercise. This was, of course, largely due to gyms up and down the country being forced to shut their doors and, in the early stages of lockdown, we were allowed to leave the house once a day for daily exercise. Ask any keen runner and they will tell you that running is addictive and, once you catch the bug, suddenly you start chasing down personal records.... Read More


The Basketball Player’s Gym Workout Programme

Continuing with our series in which we look at the differing approaches that different athletes have in the gym, we turn the spotlight to basketball. Predominantly known for being an American sport, its popularity continues to grow on this side of the Atlantic Ocean and no player is more synonymous than Michael Jordan. Jordan, with the Chicago Bulls, dominated the NBA in the 1990s by winning six championships during the decade – winning three titles on either side of a brief retirement from the sport, during which time he played... Read More


Golf Exercises and Gym Workout

Golfers need to have unrivalled mobility, flexibility, balance, accuracy and power. To target all these areas, they need to have a comprehensive, targeted workout regime specifically made up of exercises to improve golf. If you’re a keen golfer, or if you’re looking to improve your physical abilities overall, a golf gym workout is ideal.  Why Choose a Golf Gym Program? For those who aren’t golfers, you might be asking why you should consider undertaking a golf-centred workout. Well, the answer is clear: golfers have lots of physical attributes that can... Read More


Gym Workout for Badminton Players: How to Improve Your Game:

Badminton is one of the most popular racket sports in the UK, and continues to grow in popularity, with such figures as Gail Emms, Nathan Robertson, and husband-and-wife duo Chris and Gabby Adcock – who between them have achieved numerous medals at Olympic and Commonwealth Games – as figureheads within the game.  If you played the sport during PE lessons at school, you’ll remember how tiring it can be.  Although there is no strict time limit on how long a game can last, badminton is typically played as a best... Read More


Gym Workouts and Exercises for Tennis Players

Tennis is, arguably, the most physically demanding sport of them all. There is no hiding place, especially in a singles competition as one player battles against another on the opposing side of the court. Often, a match is not won through technical ability alone, but by simply either outlasting and/or overpowering your adversary. One of the best examples of a tennis player whose physical condition has played a key role in their success is Serena Williams who has won no less than 23 grand slam singles titles. Williams’ strength and... Read More


Netball Gym Workout: Train Like a Professional

Most people have memories of playing netball at school, and despite not being able to run with the ball, they will remember it as being one of the most intense sports on the curriculum. It’s 60 minutes of extreme interval sprinting, rapid agility movement and accurate hand-eye coordination. Imagine that on a professional scale as a world-class player, playing some of the greatest netballers in the world; you’re probably tired at the thought!  Professional netball players are among the fittest athletes, but in order to maintain their incredible physiques and... Read More


Gym Exercises for Cricketers

Cricket is often criticised for being a slow sport, especially in the case of five-day test matches, but do not underestimate the mental and physical endurance required to play the game at the highest level. Cricketers must be able to bolt into action from a standing start, and this is true whether they are batting, bowling, or fielding. While many players specialise in one of those positions, it isn’t uncommon for cricketers to consider themselves as all-rounders, whereby they will play in each position. Mostly, however, cricketers will focus either... Read More