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Football Gym Workout: How a Footballer Trains

Every type of sport is difficult in its own right, but one of the more demanding games is football. It requires agility, strength, stamina, coordination and endurance, which means footballers must undertake an extensive and conclusive workout to keep them in shape.  If you’re looking to shake up your routine, engaging in a football gym workout programme is a good way to try something new and challenge yourself.  Why Choose a Football Gym Workout? You might be wondering why you should try football training in the gym, especially if you’re... Read More

The Top Five Hotel Gym Essentials

For those who are no strangers to travelling, either for work or pleasure, finding a hotel that offers its own onsite gym is important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when you spend a considerable time away from home can be difficult, but this means that for hotel owners and managers, there is a market for fitness-conscious guests – meaning that incorporating a quality gym is anything other than a waste of time and space. It is really important to note that not all gyms are created equal. For example, we have... Read More

What is the Best Exercise Equipment for the Elderly?

Leading a healthy lifestyle from a young age is key for reaping the abundance of rewards of remaining able, mobile and in good health when the twilight years come creeping up. Not everyone looks after their older self when they’re younger, though. The good news is, it’s never too late to get on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  We’ve put together a list of the best home exercise equipment for the elderly, all of which will keep senior citizens moving and active in a safe and beneficial way, no... Read More

The Top 5 School Gym Equipment Essentials

Many people view P.E. as a non-essential lesson for school children to undertake, especially when it’s compared to subjects like maths, English and science, but it’s actually one of the most important parts of the school curriculum.  Childhood obesity is on the rise in the UK, with an estimated one in five 10-11-year-olds and one in 10 4-5-year-olds being classified as overweight. There are many reasons why a child might be overweight, including: Low levels of physical activity Being fed larger portions than is needed Parents who lack nutritional awareness... Read More

Can You Place Exercise Equipment on Carpet?

Home gyms are exploding in popularity because they offer convenience and privacy when compared to a public gym, but for all their pro’s, home gyms can be pricey. The cost of equipment can eat up a lot of your budget, and this means lots of people look to cut costs elsewhere – usually on room décor. Home gyms are typically installed in spare rooms, basements or garages. Many of these rooms may already have carpet laid down and painted walls. This can present itself as the perfect blank canvas for... Read More

How Long Does Commercial Gym Equipment Last?

Here at UK Gym Equipment, we specialise in selling commercial-standard gym equipment because we believe that our customers deserve only the very highest quality. Certain websites and apps offer heavily discounted products if you are prepared to wait several weeks for delivery, only for customers to realise soon after the items were so discounted at what first appeared to be a seemingly fantastic price. We refuse to settle for anything less than the best, and we certainly would not expect our customers to, either. Even all the refurbished and second-hand... Read More

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Your Apartment

The announcement of another lockdown across the country resulted in fitness fanatics who had only just reacquainted themselves with the gym turning to home workouts once more. While some will have been prepared from previous lockdowns with equipment and a routine to match, others are yet to fully embrace the home gym concept. If you live in an apartment or flat with space at a premium, it is understandably difficult. However, you can still find exercise equipment for a small apartment that won’t leave you feeling cramped in your living... Read More

Do Exercise Belts and Ab Toning Belts Work?

If you’re on a mission to tone up, you’ve probably come across ab toning belts. Marketed as a quick fix to getting you the six-pack of your dreams, stimulating belts have quickly become a must-have for those looking to firm up their tums, but do exercise belts really work? First of all, it’s worth noting the difference between the types of exercise belts. There are two main types: weightlifting belts and ab toning belts. Weightlifting belts are used to minimise stress on the back when lifting heavy weights by compressing... Read More

Treadmill Workouts for Speed and Endurance

There are hundreds of types of gym equipment, some of which are more complex than others, but there’s one piece that’s universal: the treadmill. Commonplace in gyms and homes alike, the treadmill is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that people of all physical capabilities can get on with. For this reason, it’s a popular piece of apparatus because it offers a multitude of fitness benefits, including stamina and speed training. Using a treadmill is a form of cardio exercise that boosts heart, brain, lung, muscle and joint function, though most... Read More

How to Design a Home Gym Properly

A home gym is the dream of many fitness fanatics. Having your favourite gym equipment to hand without the need for commuting to the gym, waiting for someone else to finish with a machine and not having to spend a penny on membership fees are just some of the reasons why home gyms are hugely popular. Of course, there is a lot of care and consideration that is needed when it comes to deciding how to set up a home gym. The most common mistake that people make is to... Read More