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Kettlebell Workout Benefits

Nowadays, everyone is using kettlebells; from bodybuilders to crossfitters, and even those of us who are just wanting to get into shape. It’s clear that kettlebell workouts have become incredibly popular across the fitness industry for their intensity and functional fitness benefits. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the world of kettlebell workouts and their many benefits. How to Use Kettlebells The great thing about kettlebells is that they can be used in so many different ways. You can use them for swings, Turkish Get-ups, cleans, snatches, and more!... Read More


Treadmill Buying Guide

Treadmills are one of the staples of any commercial or home gym, and they’re a great investment for reaching your health and fitness goals. However, with so many different treadmills on the market; it’s hard to know which one is right for you. With factors to consider such as horsepower, speed, and incline, choosing the right treadmill can be difficult. But don’t worry. Our treadmill buying guide will help you along in your journey to finding the perfect piece of cardio equipment. Consider the Intended Use of the Treadmill Ultimately,... Read More


Kitting Out Your Home Gym on a Budget

A home gym is an aspiration for many fitness fanatics who dream of being able to workout in the comfort of their home, rather than commuting backwards and forward to the gym. Not only does it mean having access to your own range of equipment, but each piece has been bought for no one else’s benefit but your own. Achieving this pipedream can come at an expense, though, which is why commercial gyms are as successful as they are by offering members access to top of the range equipment for... Read More


Why You Should Consider Refurbished Gym Equipment

We will be clear about this – there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying refurbished gym equipment. Some may turn their nose up at the mere thought of second-hand equipment, but our team at UK Gym Equipment ensures all products that leave our facility meet the highest standards possible. Any equipment that comes to us will undergo repair and maintenance work as standard, replacing old parts that have seen better days in favour of new pieces to extend its lifespan. For example, when we receive a second-hand treadmill, our engineering... Read More


Bodybuilding Gym Workout Plan

It takes time and a real dedication to commit to bodybuilding because results do not come quickly and almost every aspect of your life must be dedicated to achieving your goal. Not only does your workout regimen have to centralise around building muscle, but so does your nutrition, sleeping patterns and more. Most bodybuilders will take in at least 4,000 calories per day, as this is the fuel that the body requires to build muscles and achieve desired goals. This means that the training bodybuilders undertake must be able to... Read More


Gym Training for Marathon Runners

Training for a marathon is a commitment, whether you are working towards your first or 1001st marathon. It is a gruelling test of one’s physical and emotional limitations, pushing your body through 26.2 miles of blood, sweat and tears. First-time marathon runners make many mistakes while training for the big day, with one of the most common being forgetting about – or simply ignoring – days in the gym. Cross-training is an important aspect of marathon training because this is what helps to build the muscles in the body that... Read More


Refurbished Vs. New Gym Equipment

When kitting out a new home or commercial gym on a budget, you will be looking at ways in which you can cut costs without cutting on quality. Refurbished gym equipment often offers the best of both worlds – brands that you can trust at reduced prices. Many however prefer to buy new out of the box equipment, which we understand, but when you buy refurbished gym equipment in many cases, you are buying almost-new pieces that have been restored to working order. UK Gym Equipment stocks a wide range... Read More


The Best Exercises to Improve Swimming Performance

Despite swimming being one of the most popular sports to watch at the Olympics and something many people enjoy doing for pleasure, it is often forgotten about when the conversation of fit sportspeople arises.  Swimming in a normal capacity isn’t necessarily the most taxing sport – hence why lots of people enjoy doing it on a weekend afternoon – but professional swimming is an entirely different game altogether. The immense levels of all-around fitness swimmers must demonstrate cement their status as some of the fittest athletes in the world.  Historically,... Read More


Rowing Gym Training: Beyond the Gym Rowing Machine

Rowers are undoubtedly among the strongest and fittest athletes, demonstrating high levels of strength and stamina simultaneously. As with most sports, the best way to improve your performance is to do the sport in question. In the case of rowers, this means getting on the rowing lake or using the rowing machine at the gym, but this isn’t the only way to train for a big race.  Rowers need strong muscles in their backs, shoulders abs and legs – so basically every part of their bodies! Whilst the rowing equipment... Read More


Punching Bag Workouts: Gym Workouts for Boxers

Boxers are a feat of physical strength, stamina and overall fitness. Their workouts are comprehensive, focusing on a range of qualities like speed, cardio and endurance, as well as strength training and agility. Whilst skipping ropes and strength equipment can go a long way to boosting performance, hitting the heavy bag is an integral part of any professional fighter’s workout regime.  Why Train with a Punching Bag? The first and arguably most common reason boxers use a punching bag in their gym workout is to perfect their performance. You can... Read More