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We stock a wide range of new and refurbished commercial grade upper body bikes from the best known brands and manufacturers in the market. We stock a variety of upper body bikes to offer a solution for every user. Upper body bikes are popular amongst sailors and are often part of the training program for a professional crew. There are also many models that feature removable seats and ramps designed especially for wheelchair access, opening a range of new workout possibilities for wheelchair users. 

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Give your legs a break and try an upper body bike. Upper body bikes (or arm ergometers as they are more commonly known) is a piece of equipment similar to a bicycle but you pedal with your arms, engaging almost every muscle in your upper body and targets strength, agility and flexibility. As you push and pull on the pedals your elbow flexes and extends while your biceps and triceps contract, with repetition the muscles improve in strength and tone. With the targeted toning you could burn up to 9 calories per minute, you should aim for your workout to be a minimum of 15 minutes in order to see a change in your arms.

A key benefit of using an upper body bike, is their suitability for wheelchair users and anyone with limited mobility. Although Upper body ergometers focus on your arms, they still provide an excellent cardio workout and are often used for rehabilitation and medical applications with many models offering both seated and standing exercise options. The arm ergometer s becoming more widely available through hospitals, physical therapists, rehabilitation centres and universities, they are not always found in commercial gyms.