Commercial Stepper & Climber Machines

Steppers and climbers are some of the most efficient pieces of gym equipment you can get. They provide full body workouts and burn incredibly high amounts of calories in very little time. We only stock the best here at UK Gym Equipment with steppers and climbers from brands such as Precor, Sole Fitness, and Stairmaster that have the most modern and industry leading technology - providing you with workouts that allow you to meet and surpass your fitness goals.

Our steppers and climbers can benefit both new comers to the gym, and seasoned athletes - with varying degrees of difficulty and intensities in the workouts available.

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Why Choose Stepper Fitness Equipment?

If you’re looking to tone up and slim down, then steppers are perfect for you. Taking the stairs is probably the most underrated form of cardio, and now, there are numerous forms of equipment that have been designed to emulate this everyday activity. Steppers allow you to replicate the motion of walking upstairs while vertical climbers imitate a wall climb.

Your legs, thighs and calves are the main muscles that will benefit from using these machines. After regular use, your lower body will become stronger and leaner. 

The Benefits of Gym Step Machines and Climbers

Also referred to as a climber machine, a vertical climber is a piece of equipment that simply focuses on the action of climbing. It uses your body weight carried in an upward direction to offer a full-body workout. Burning up to 509 calories per hour of use and working major muscle groups such as the legs, core, shoulders, and back, you could find it more enjoyable than a classic cardio workout.

The key advantage of using a stepper gym machine over regular stairs is the fact that the low impact workout is not as harsh on your joints. This is achieved using a resistance piston system which absorbs the shock that your knees and joints would normally take. Some steppers operate with a moving stairway while others use two separate footplates which move independently. Often, stair steppers are large and require a lot of floor space as well as ceiling height.

Perfect for all the family to use, you can make your workouts as challenging as you need with a step machine for the gym. If you require more detailed information, why not take a look at our guide to steppers and climbers?

Simply browse our available selection of climbers and stepper fitness equipment online today to discover the perfect match for your home or commercial gym.