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5 Benefits To Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, many people will immediately think of body builders that are lifting incredibly heavy. However, including resistance exercises and weight training into your routine means that you will not only burn more calories in comparison to cardio but your body will become stronger, improving your ability to perform everyday tasks as well as completing exerting physical tasks. Builds Muscle This may be obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Weight training is one of the key effective methods to build muscle and increase bone density. Improving... Read More

Small gym room 09/10/2019

10 Home Gym Must-Haves

Your home gym is a space where you should feel motivated and energetic – somewhere that your brain automatically associates with exercise. For this reason, it’s important to create a dedicated space for your gym or exercise equipment at home, rather than just clearing a space and hoping for the best! Whether you are just starting to create your own home gym or are planning to upgrade your existing equipment or workout space, it’s important to carefully consider every aspect of the fitness environment. We’ve compiled a guide to our... Read More

Schwinn Spin Bikes 23/09/2019

We’re Turning 5!

For the last 5 years UK Gym Equipment have worked tirelessly to produce the highest quality new, refurbished and used gym equipment. We started from a small garage space in March, working around full-times jobs to create a business that would soon become one of the UK’s well-known companies for providing refurbished professional gym equipment from some of the industry’s most  infamous brands including Life Fitness, Technogym, Matrix Fitness and many more. We have made it easier to achieve a full gym set up for a fraction of the cost... Read More


Benefits of Exercise to Your Mental Health

Usually the purpose of exercise is to lose weight or body fat, but exercise can be far more important to your total wellbeing with its role in improving mental health. Exercise not only improves physical appearance but also helps in reducing stress levels, depression and getting better sleep. Benefits of exercise on mental health Exercise is very helpful in improving the mental health of an individual by producing hormones that reduce the stress levels this ultimately makes a healthier mind. Here are few of the benefits of exercise on your... Read More