5 Benefits To Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, many people will immediately think of body builders that are lifting incredibly heavy. However, including resistance exercises and weight training into your routine means that you will not only burn more calories in comparison to cardio but your body will become stronger, improving your ability to perform everyday tasks as well as completing exerting physical tasks.

Builds Muscle

This may be obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Weight training is one of the key effective methods to build muscle and increase bone density. Improving the strength of your muscles is important to aiding you in completing everyday tasks, especially as we get older and we start to lose muscle strength naturally. When you are weight training you are essentially breaking down muscle tissue so that your body will heal and re-build the muscle to be stronger, therefore when you come to try that exercise again you will feel stronger.

Burn More Calories

Although cardio exercises such as running are great for increasing the number of calories you burn during a session however weight training has been proven to help shed calories over a longer period. It will take your body more calories to maintain muscle than it does to build fat, therefore you will increase your resting metabolism.

Prevent Injury

Stronger muscles will improve your posture and help your body to keep balance. You can also increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis or even possible fractures. In turn stronger muscles can provide you with better brain functionality and help you to retain cognitive function.

Good For Your Overall Health

It is widely recognised that exercise in general can be good for your heart, brain and of course your waistline, this can also be applied to weight training. Through weight training you can burn through glucose which is appealing for those with type 2 diabetes who need to manage their blood sugar levels. Fight off inflammation which is a symptom of many diseases.

Boosts Confidence

As you’ll be burning more calories with the increase in resistance training, you’ll begin to notice a drop in your body weight. You’ll also begin to see more definition in your muscles and all round feel your mood and energy levels lift too. All of this combined you will feel your self-esteem and confidence rise, throwing around some serious iron will leave you feeling empowered!

How to get started.

So you’ve decided to add weight training to your gym routine, now what? Strength training can take on many forms, depending on how comfortable you feel in the gym. You can start with the strength machines that will be dotted around your local gym, try out a leg press to build your quadriceps and hamstrings as well as your glutes. Alternatively try out a dual adjustable pulley which is one of the most versatile machines in the gym that allows you to tone every muscle in your body from just one machine. You can incorporate free weights into your routine easily with a choice of dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells. Free weights offer you a more flexible workout as they allow your body to move in a more natural motion that can replicate movements in your everyday life. When starting a weight lifting program it’s best to start slowly and ensure you allow your muscles time for recovery. Don’t forget to stretch properly after you finish your routine, this will not only aid your recovery but will also improve your flexibility.

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