Focus Pads

Focus pads are a great training tool for improving skills in boxing and other martial arts sports. The hook and jab pads are designed to help distribute and absorb the impact of hard strikes during training sessions. A great way to work on technique and defence skills, see our selection of focus pads for your training needs.

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Following sparring, working with focus mitts is the closest to a realistic fight that training can get. Focus pads are flat, hand-held pads that are around 12 inches in diameter. They are often made of firm foam and covered in leather. Use of focus mitts allows a fighter to perfect their manoeuvres without having to step into the ring, it also allows a trainer to assess your technique as you constantly move around. This form of partner training will improve offense and defence skills and create sharper reflexes. 

Focus pads are affordable and portable so you can train anywhere, increasing the challenge of your workout. Using focus pads requires a lot of energy, coordination and mental focus, whether you’re improving your skills in boxing or martial arts they make for a fun and challenging workout. Pad work can prepare you for sparring and with this training you’ll be more prepared to throw the perfect punch.