Corporate Gym Equipment

Kitting out your business premises with a fitness area and quality gym equipment is a major positive for employee morale and retention with staff having access to an on-site gym. Just some of the ways in which businesses benefit from offering corporate gym equipment are by employees becoming fitter and healthier, thereby reducing absenteeism and improving commercial productivity.

Simply having a gym on its own with second-rate equipment isn’t enough, with staff members looking to make use of quality corporate fitness equipment that will last the course of time. At UK Gym Equipment, we stock a wide range of equipment suitable for corporate gym areas that your members of staff will love, helping you to retain your most talented employees as well as enticing new hires.

Future Gym Equipment for Corporate Fitness Stations

If your business is looking for the best solution that provides commercial-standard gym equipment without breaking the bank, allow us to introduce you to the Future Gym Equipment range, available exclusively through UK Gym Equipment. This range of fantastic products will provide you and your members of staff with a workout that will see them push their limits, improving their physical fitness beyond their expectations.

Whether it is a fat-burning cardio session or a muscle-building weightlifting session your staff are most interested in when they hit the gym, kitting out your space with Future Gym Equipment will provide the best of both worlds. From treadmills and cross-trainers to barbells and dumbbells, you will be able to kit out your space with all the equipment you could need to provide your staff with a versatile workout experience.

Boosting Morale and Productivity

The introduction of a corporate gym will have tremendous effects for your business, both from a morale-boosting and commercial perspective. Just some of the positives of exercise include reducing stress, boosting cognitive functions, and improving your retention and recruitment drives.

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – and it’s true. Work, no matter what industry you are in, can be stressful and staff require a little time to let off some steam every now and then, whether that is because of a difficult meeting, tasks building up or for any other reason that is commonplace in the workplace. A corporate gym is the ideal spot for an employee to make use of during lunch breaks, or before and/or after work, to put any problems to one side and get a sweat on.

After a workout, once the endorphins are thoroughly bouncing around the body, stress is reduced and the mood is improved. It could be the break needed to allow them to return to the task in hand with a fresh outlook and power through.

Employees who work for a company that offers the use of an on-site gym tend to have better job satisfaction which improves retention rates. Working for a company that demonstrates it cares about the health and wellbeing of its team is a massive plus to anyone seeking happiness and contentment in the workplace.

Designing Your Corporate Gym

As well as supplying your business with the best corporate gym equipment, UK Gym Equipment can also help with the design and installation of your fitness space through our free gym design service. This will allow you to create a fantastic 3D plan of your corporate gym which will provide you with a clear and concise picture of what your space will look like and how your equipment will fit in.

Clients who have made use of our design service have benefitted from being able to plan their gym space down to the smallest detail, leaving nothing to chance. This will allow your business to budget for your gym by indicating how much equipment your space will be able to hold without becoming overcrowded, as well as putting several designs together and discussing what works best for your business.

A well-equipped gym with the corporate fitness equipment of commercial standard will take away the need for your employees to pay out for potentially expensive membership fees as they will have access to all the equipment they need. This facility, while helping with job satisfaction, will also help your employees save money – something they may not benefit from elsewhere.

If you are happy to proceed with any of the designs created, the UK Gym Equipment team will be able to work with you to make it a reality. Our team is experienced in the design and installation of gym areas, making sure all those who use your fitness space benefit from a finished article that is the very best it can be.

Finance Options

All qualifying orders can be paid through several finance options which help to ease the burden of paying for your business’ new corporate gym equipment. We understand that while you naturally want to kit your space out with the very best equipment on the market, paying upfront won’t always fit into your budget constraints. This is why we are proud to offer our finance options, ensuring that everyone can afford commercial-standard gym equipment.

UK Gym Equipment offers up to 24 months 0% finance, with other options going up to 48 months at 9.9% APR. For more information, please get in touch with a member of our team today.