Exercise Equipment for the Elderly

No matter how old we become, exercise remains an important aspect of our daily lives. However, as our body’s age, they cannot withstand the same level of intensity as they once could and thus, our fitness regime has to be altered to suit. Here at UK Gym Equipment, we stock a wide range of suitable exercise equipment for the elderly that will provide a gentle workout for any senior person looking to stay fit and healthy.

The equipment on our website will help you to enjoy a fun and productive session, whatever your fitness goals are. From cardio machines to weightlifting pieces, investing in commercial-standard equipment is the safest way for any elderly man woman to keep fit.

Staying Fit in Old Age

Fitness isn’t just for the young; good health and a good physique ensure that everyone enjoys a good quality of life. Age is just a number and entering seniority doesn’t mean simply sitting in your favourite armchair all day, every day, watching the world pass you by. These are your golden years to do with what you want – after all, you’ve earned it – and if fitness has always been a passion of yours, you can take this time to take the bull by its horns.

Adults aged 65+ are the most inactive age group, spending on average 10 or more hours a day sitting down a day. This goes hand-in-hand with increased rates of obesity which then leads to heart complications and other issues. By remaining active, you can remain fit and healthy well into old age, which can also help you to keep hold of your independence.

If you want to enjoy life to its fullest now that you have the time, enjoying pleasures such as grandchildren, holidays and taking up new hobbies, regular exercise mixed with a healthy lifestyle is a must.

Future Gym Equipment – The Best Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Available exclusively from UK Gym Equipment is the new Future Gym Equipment range, complete with commercial-standard pieces suitable for people of all ages. For seniors who are looking to keep fit but cannot withstand workouts to the same intensity as they once could, you will find the perfect solution within this range.

Cross-trainers, exercise bikes and rowing machines are all fantastic pieces that provide a comprehensive cardio workout whilst remaining kind to pressure spots, such as knees and other joints. Other equipment such as barbells, dumbbells and functional trainers also aid strength training and help you to tone your muscles.

The Future Gym Equipment range is designed to offer the best of both worlds between high-quality products and affordable pricing, making it so as everyone can benefit from the very best equipment on the market. Fitness is a right, not a privilege, and should not be reserved exclusively for those who are fortunate to be in an affluent position. This is why UK Gym Equipment offers finance options on qualifying orders, allowing our customers to pay month-by-month if they are unable to afford the costs of equipment upfront.

Finance Options

The costs of qualifying orders above £500 can be spread across up to 24 months with no interest and an initial deposit between 10% and 50%, helping you to afford the best exercise equipment on the market. We understand that the costs of commercial-standard equipment do not always fit within your budget constraints, especially when looking for the best home exercise equipment for seniors who may be retired. Other finance options are available at 9.9% APR with costs spread across 48 months, offering further flexibility to the way you can pay for your equipment.

Free Gym Design Service for Seniors

If you have a space that necessitates a little extra careful thought and planning, then our free gym design service may be of interest to you. Usually made use of for commercial spaces, our 3D design service can also be used for residential areas – ideal for designing home gym spaces.

Without a plan in place, a home gym space can be misused and underutilized, not being used to its fullest potential. Our service creates a 3D render of your space, inputting all the equipment you are planning on incorporating into space and offering a detailed view of what it will look like. This will help you to space out your equipment, as well as being able to incorporate as much as possible into your fitness station. For those eager to benefit from as varied a workout as possible, this will certainly be useful.

If and when you create a plan that you are happy with, the UK Gym Equipment team will work with you to make your dream a reality. As well as offering kerbside delivery, our installation team can come in and fit all your equipment to the design you create. With years of experience and expertise, your project will be in safe hands as we carefully install your specialised exercise equipment for the elderly.

Buy Fitness Equipment for the Elderly

UK Gym Equipment is the best place to purchase gym equipment suitable for seniors, with the best brands on the market all available from our website today. If you require more information on any of the products we have in stock, please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our professional team today by heading to our contact page, or calling us on 01733 204430.