School Gym Equipment

Available from UK Gym Equipment you will find a range of equipment ideal for schools, colleges, universities and other education facilities. Whether you are looking to design or revamp your sports hall or onsite gym used by students and/or members of staff, we are proud to offer fitness equipment for schools that is high quality and affordable.

When it comes to kitting schools out for the new year, or as part of any refurbishment works, investing in quality equipment is a must – regardless of the department. In sports halls and gyms, there are many instances where schools are known to cut corners on the upkeep of these facilities with students forced to make use of sub-standard equipment, or not have access to any at all.

We understand that budgeting is difficult and, unfortunately, sport and fitness equipment can fall down the pecking order for schools. However, we are proud to ensure that all education facilities can equip themselves with the best products on the market by offering affordable branded gym equipment.

School Gym Equipment from UK Gym Equipment

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here on our website. From commercial-standard treadmills to strength-training equipment, your school will be home to the best PE lessons in the area. Your students will benefit from the use of top of the range gym equipment in their school, which will allow for much more versatile lessons and sessions.

For example, our range of Future Gym equipment makes for the perfect solution for any school, due to its balance of quality and affordability. Without cutting any corners, Future Gym cardio machines and weights allow for your setting to invest in the best equipment on the market without breaking the bank.

As well as traditional cardio and weight machines, you will also find a range of fitness equipment that can be used either inside or outside, depending on the type of session that has been planned. Plyometric boxes, functional fitness and combat sports pieces, such as boxing gloves and punching bags, are all available from UK Gym Equipment.

Gym Flooring

As well as providing the best fitness equipment for schools and universities, UK Gym Equipment can also ensure that your sports hall or gym area is adequately kitted out. We offer a range of gym flooring such as yoga mats and rubber interlocking tiles suitable for heavy equipment such as cardio machines and weights.

Without the correct flooring solution, your setting is at risk of damage such as indentation, scuffing and more. On top of this, your students are at risk of injury due to the use of incorrect flooring. This could be due to hard flooring becoming slippery from perspiration or trip hazards from carpeting that has not been laid correctly/providing little grip for users.

Gym flooring from UK Gym Equipment can help to distinguish between separate areas of your facility, ensuring that all equipment is stored and used in the correct area. This will help to ensure that students do not get in each other’s way whilst using any of the equipment on offer, which could result in serious injury.

Gym Equipment for University Students

Many universities offer onsite gyms at their campuses for students to make use of outside of their studies. University gyms differ from school gyms due to the physical differences in those making use of the equipment, with heavy weights not recommended for secondary school age students as their bodies have not yet finished developing.

This means that universities are more likely to invest in weight equipment from UK Gym Equipment, which will certainly be appealing to uni students looking to build muscle. A fully kitted out gym will also be put to good use by any sports teams representing the university, allowing athletes to train onsite at the campus.

Dumbbells, barbells, weight benches, medicine balls and kettlebells should also feature in your university gym, as well as ample storage solutions where they can be placed safely when not in use.

Spread the Costs of Your Fitness Equipment

To help schools, colleges and universities invest in the best equipment on the market, the costs of qualifying orders can be spread across 12 to 24 months with our finance options. This means that education settings can afford to buy either brand new or refurbished gym equipment to suit whatever budget constraints they are working to.

Regardless of whether the products you purchase from us are brand new or refurbished, our professional team makes sure to test the equipment ensuring that it meets our high standards. Quite simply, if it doesn’t meet the standards set by the UK Gym Equipment team, it doesn’t go out the door, meaning that you can purchase from us with confidence.

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