Barbells are typically the weight of choice for bodybuilders and experienced weight lifters, and they should be present in any gym that wants to bring in the men and women that can (literally) pull their weight when it comes to working out. They offer the incredible benefits of free weights, they are non-restrictive and the opportunities to work different muscles are almost endless thanks to a range of exercises you can do with them. 

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A popular choice when it comes to heavy weight training, the barbell is predominantly used by bodybuilders and experienced weight lifters. However, they can be used by anyone who wants to lift. It is a simple tool with the ability to load the bar to our maximum strength that is used to optimise movements such as squatting, deadlifting or lunges.

Falling into the free weight category, you will find barbells in almost every gym that you walk into. You’ll find bars that measure between 5-7ft depending on the type of barbell available, you will be able to lift more weight in total with barbell movements compared to using dumbbells. When using a weight lifting bar you will become more aware of your posture, this improves the tone of your postural muscles when correctly used. Along with this, using a barbell set will help you to increase your bone density and body composition meaning that you’ll have more muscle and less fat. It is also a know fact that lifting weights will increase you metabolism.

Not only this but strength training is an excellent way for improving balance in the body and providing strength to those muscle groups which are often underutilised. A great deal of athletes opt to use barbells during their strength training, the moves stimulate basic muscle coordination and often athletes can see immediate results from this which affects their performance. 

Since barbell exercises require minimal space to perform, you can do them anywhere whether that’s at home or in the gym. Use of barbells at home can be relatively cost effective and storage doesn’t require much space.