Olympic Weight Sets

Offer the serious weightlifters the equipment they deserve in the form of some remarkable Olympic weight sets, designed to challenge even the strongest of gym-goers and come in a variety of sizes. These Olympic bar weight sets are not intended for the beginner who has only just taken out with their first gym membership; for those at the beginning of their fitness journey, this should be their goal, whilst for those that have graduated from introductory weightlifting equipment, now is time to stand alongside the elite.

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At competitive prices, these weights are from the biggest names in the industry such as Jordan and other renowned brands, ready to propel any gym in the right direction. When it comes to bringing in the serious lifters that demand the very best equipment for their rigorous strength-building routine, look no further than UK Gym Equipment’s fantastic range of rubber Olympic weight sets.

Across the fitness industry, Olympic plates will be the same size/standard to ensure consistency; they are classed as Olympic due to the 2’’ centre hole which fits the Olympic barbell perfectly. Olympic bars are designed to allow you to lift heavier weights and gain more from your workout, however Olympic weight sets aren’t just used with the barbell. These versatile plates could also be part of other routines including studio workouts. 

We offer a selection of Olympic plate weights including bumper plates. Due to the increase in those participating in CrossFit, the demand for Olympic lifting is higher than ever and there is no sign of this slowing down any time soon. The use of bumper plates is to allow a safe space for the practice of exercises such as snatches and presses. During these manoeuvres, the Olympic barbell will be dropped from a height and the use of bumper plates means that when they are dropped, there is limited risk of damage to the athlete, floor or equipment. 

You’ll also notice that we provide the option of rubber and urethane Olympic plate weights, but what’s the difference? They are both the same as cast iron plates with an extra coating of rubber for safety and to increase the longevity of the equipment. Urethane is a material that is much more durable than rubber and is unlikely to leave marks or damage your flooring. That being said, many prefer the traditional feel of rubber.