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The punch bag, also referred to as a heavy bag, is a piece of equipment which provides a well-rounded workout, with a focus on developing strength and core stability. Once you get used to using heavy bags, it will become a great routine for staying fit and healthy. Using the bag every day means that your stamina is being continuously tested. Look at our range of punch bags to help you get started.

Punching Bags for Sale from UK Gym Equipment

Punch bags are a stuffed bag weighing around 100 pounds and are usually made with leather or PU synthetic leather. Most people will associate punching bags with boxers, who use them during training to build punch power and technique. However, for the average user, the punchbag provides a full-body workout resulting in a defined muscular physique. 

Incorporating a punching bag, such as any of those available through our website, into your workouts can help to improve your aerobic fitness, pushing you to remain mobile and changing your body position all whilst throwing punches and getting your heart rate up. Originally, the heavy bag was designed for boxers so they could improve their punching power, ensuring the punch is thrown with perfect technique through using as many muscles as possible.

With the continuous transfer of weight from one foot to another you will notice an improvement in your overall body coordination and core stability. Now, the heavy bag can be used by anyone whether it is for training, stress relief or just for fun.

Stand-Alone Punching Bag for Sale

If you are looking to invest in a punching bag for your home gym, you may not have the capability of installing a traditional bag that you hang from the ceiling. Instead, your next best option is to purchase a stand-alone punching bag that features a base which is weighted down; usually with water or sand. This freestanding capability is ideal for anyone who can’t or would rather not hook a heavy weight from their ceiling (often the case for those living in rented accommodation), or is looking to set up their bag outside in the garden.

Investing in the correct bag is essential, as you require equipment that can withstand considerable force without breaking and/or falling over. With a weighted base, this allows for the user to punch and/or kick the bag (depending on whether you have invested in a punching bag designed strictly for boxing or MMA training) as hard as they like without it moving.

Speed Bags from UK Gym Equipment

What is the difference between a punching bag and a speed bag (or speed ball)? A speed bag is a smaller, more lightweight ball that is hung from a platform. The speedball is primarily used to improve hand-eye coordination and speed, whereas with the heavy bag you will be developing strength, defence, and punching skills. Both can provide you with a great cardio workout. 

It is all well and good having the ability to punch as hard as possible, but it does not matter unless you have the timing and coordination to hit your target. That is why boxers spend hours perfecting their timing and coordination on the speedball, developing this important part of their arsenal.

Perfect for Your Training

Whether you are looking to add the highest quality indoor punch bug to your training camp ahead of fight night or simply looking for exercise equipment that you can use recreationally, UK Gym Equipment more than has you covered. Browse our excellent range of new and used punching bags and stands.

With finance options available for qualifying purchases, we have made it so that anyone and everyone can benefit from elite standard equipment in their gym.