How Much Does a Home Gym Cost?

Owning your very own home gym is a dream of many, although the associated costs are what lead many to believe that this will always be just that – a dream. The truth is that a home gym doesn’t have to cost the earth, especially if you carefully consider what your fitness goals are and what gym equipment will be best to help to achieve them.

We won’t lie and say that the cost of building a home gym is dirt cheap because it isn’t, at least not one that is worth having. Quality gym equipment does come with a price, but that is not to say that you should be restricted by initial costs. Here at UK Gym Equipment, we offer finance options on products available from our website, allowing our customers to pay every month for commercial-standard fitness equipment.

Designing Your Home Gym

The beauty of having your own gym at home is that it can be tailored to you. It is unlikely that you will make use of every piece of equipment on offer at a commercial gym. Instead, using the pieces that suit your regime and personal fitness goals. This means that you can immediately cut out much of the equipment you might see on offer.

Obviously, space is a deciding factor as to how much equipment you can include in your home gym setup. It is unlikely that you will have the same amount of space available as a commercial setting, so you need to be smart about the choices you make. Of course, you won’t need multiple pieces of the same equipment, with rows of identical treadmills, exercise bikes and cross-trainers commonplace in commercial gyms. Therefore, you might be pleasantly surprised by just how little space you need to recreate the authentic gym experience.

You might be interested to learn about our very own gym design service, which provides a 3D design to help you visualise how your space will look. This is a completely free service for both commercial and home gym use and designed to help you save money by using your space as economically as possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Home Gym?

While the upfront cost may put off many from investing in their own home gym, what you have to remember is that once you have paid for your equipment, it is yours. That is in contrast to signing up for a gym membership where you pay a monthly fee to have access to equipment which you will never own. In the long run, owning a home gym is a cheaper option for those who are dedicated to fitness.

For a good-standard cardio machine, such as a bike, cross-trainer, rowing machine, or treadmill, you should expect to pay in and around £1,000 per piece. With those costs spread over 12 to 24 months, the fees are certainly manageable, with the monthly repayment for each piece likely to be cheaper than a gym membership.

Gym Flooring

It isn’t just the equipment you have to consider when working out how much a home gym would cost, because you will require appropriate gym flooring for your space. Heavy equipment on a carpet can cause indentation on the flooring over time which can become irreparable damage. As well as that, some exercises call for more comfortable flooring, while solutions such as rubber matting can help from a sound-proofing point of view – i.e. not everyone at home will have to listen to your workout.

In commercial gyms, there is a reason why you will see hard and rubber flooring in different parts of the setting, depending on the type of equipment and exercises it is intended for. The same philosophy is needed for home gyms, otherwise, you will be faced with potentially expensive repair work and/or replacements in the future. Gym flooring doesn’t have to be expensive and, if you look at our own selection of options on our website, you will see that there are many options available.

Keeping Costs to a Minimum

If you are working to a strict budget, then keeping costs down to a minimum is a must. It is for this reason that you should consider incorporating exercises that require little to no equipment as part of your routine, therefore tailoring your home gym around this. HIIT sessions can be done with or without equipment, so all that you would need for this is enough space to work your body.

With equipment available including smaller weights (such as dumbbells and kettlebells), functional fitness equipment and suitable storage, the cost of building a home gym won’t be very high at all but you will still be reaping all the benefit of a commercial gym. Over on our blog, you can view some examples of workouts you can incorporate into your regime both with and without equipment.

Discuss Your Needs with UK Gym Equipment

If you have your heart set on building your own home gym, but not quite sure where to start, then make sure to get in contact with the team at UK Gym Equipment. Our professional team have years of experience in the design, planning and installation of home gyms and the associated equipment, making us best placed to offer our advice and expertise.

To get in contact, simply head over to our contact page to send us a message or you can call us directly on 01733 204430.

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