Refurbished Vs. New Gym Equipment

When kitting out a new home or commercial gym on a budget, you will be looking at ways in which you can cut costs without cutting on quality. Refurbished gym equipment often offers the best of both worlds – brands that you can trust at reduced prices.

Many however prefer to buy new out of the box equipment, which we understand, but when you buy refurbished gym equipment in many cases, you are buying almost-new pieces that have been restored to working order. UK Gym Equipment stocks a wide range of refurbished equipment, all of which has been thoroughly tested before it is listed for sale through our website.

If it doesn’t meet our criteria, it doesn’t go out the door.

What are the Advantages of Buying Refurbished Gym Equipment?

The advantage of refurbished gym equipment is that it is a cost-effective solution for investing in top of the range brands. Through our website, we sell brands such as Future Gym Equipment, Life Fitness, Matrix Fitness, Technogym and more.

Brand new equipment can be expensive and out of budget for many users, particularly those looking to kit out a personal home gym. Refurbished pieces offer everything you would expect from commercial-standard gym equipment, apart from the hefty price tag that is often associated with them.

UK Gym Equipment’s own in-house engineering team will have worked on each piece themselves, which is why we have great confidence in the standard and quality of all refurbished equipment that we sell. To offer additional peace of mind, we also allow customers to try before they buy – we understand that with any piece of refurbished equipment, there may be lingering doubts before getting a chance to try it out for yourself. 

To top it off, all of our refurbished pieces come with a three-month warranty as standard. If any issues are to occur during this time, you can get in contact with us and we will come and sort the issue out for you. We also offer the option to extend your standard warranty to a full 12 months, allowing you add to add a prefered level of security.

Buying Brand New Gym Equipment

Purchasing new equipment means being able to benefit from the latest products on the market. From a commercial perspective, in the case of gym owners, this means being able to offer your members the newest equipment before any of your competitors. For some gym-goers, this very well could be the difference between signing up for one gym or another – or deciding whether to renew their membership or look elsewhere.

Of course, in many cases brand new gym equipment can be costly – which is where the appeal for refurbished equipment comes from. However, the new range of Future Gym Equipment offers the best of both worlds. UK Gym Equipment is proud to be the exclusive UK stockist for Future Gym Equipment, offering customers top of the range commercial-standard equipment at cost-effective prices. Products are also available via finance options, meaning that you can further cut down how much you pay in one go, spreading the costs over a several month period.

Life Expectancy

When spending significant sums of money, you naturally want a product that is going to last a long time. Whether you are buying for a commercial or home gym, longevity is important. Having the knowledge that you are buying not only a brand that you can trust but also from a shop you can trust, is a key point for many customers. At UK Gym Equipment, we provide both.

The average piece of gym equipment is estimated to have a life expectancy of between seven and 12 years. In most cases, however, top of the range commercial-standard pieces are able to withstand over 15 years of usage. Strength training equipment, which will not be used with the same vigour as cardio machines, should be usable for around 20 years with proper care and maintenance. 

Refurbished equipment, while it has been restored to an almost-new standard, cannot be guaranteed to have the same life expectancy as a fresh out the box piece. However, in many cases, the range of refurbished pieces we obtain are relatively new pieces, only returned due to slight defects. If our team was not satisfied, with any of the equipment we receive and if it does not live up to the expected quality and longevity that comes with UK Gym Equipment, we simply would not put our name to it.

All refurbished equipment, such as cardio and strength training pieces, will have received the proper care and maintenance to ensure as high a quality products as possible.


Reducing waste in the name of ecological responsibility has been a core focus for businesses for a few years now and that is not about to change any time soon. By investing in refurbished equipment, you will be helping to serve in the aim to reduce wastage. Buying refurbished second-hand equipment reduces the demand for metals and plastics, which can have an adverse effect on the environment.

The work that our engineering team does, serves to extend the lifespan of otherwise perfectly good pieces of equipment for as long as possible, without losing any of the quality. If you are looking to reduce either your personal or your business’ carbon footprint, investing in refurbished gym equipment is a positive, sustainable step that you can make.

Contact UK Gym Equipment for More Information

If you would like any more information on the steps that UK Gym Equipment takes to repair refurbished products, ensuring that they meet our standards, then please get in contact with a member of our team today. Alternatively, you can browse our products, including the brand new Future Gym Equipment range, on our website.

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